mobile chicken coop with layers hens enjoying pasture

Mobile Chicken Coops Raise  layer hens and broilers on pasture.

Tired of the fences and dusty coops? How about predators...

Do away with the fence maintenance and keep your flock safe and sheltered.

Get a Chicken Ranger mobile chicken tractor!

• No fences needed
• Hawk and varmint-safe
• Doesn't flip over in the wind
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Amount of chickens in a coop:

6x8’-           32 broilers or 10 layer hens
10x12’ -   80 broilers or 20 layer hens
12x12’ -   100 broilers or 30 layer hens

How it is built

When we needed a chicken tractor to raise pastured poultry we decided to build one.

Moving is done by simply raising the lift handle and pushing the coop to fresh pasture. As the handle is lifted the cable will push the wheels down and lift the other end off the ground.

The overall height at the peak of 48" makes for a sloped roof that sheds rain and snow* while maintaining a low profile to resist getting caught in high winds.

Constructed of 2” tubing and 1x2” wire, all galvanized, this coop is built to last and take the abuse of wind and weather. The cover is 10 oz. vinyl material and has a 10 year life expectancy. Ships "knocked down" on a pallet and assembly takes about 30 minutes.

The result is a commercial chicken coop that has proven to stand the test of using it year after year. And a chicken tractor that is easy to move and lightweight.

How to get a Chicken Ranger

Step 1
Send us a message for a quote.
Or call 717-768-0747
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Step 2
Place on order by confirming the quote.
We will call you for payment info. And schedule coop delivery by truck frieght.
Local pick is also available.
Step 3
Assemble | Let your flock enjoy fresh pasture!
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