Chicken Range Coops are a great way to raise chickens and poultry on pasture.
Lightweight and easy to move, our chicken coops shelter your animals and get them on the grass where they can thrive

Our chicken tractors are designed to be portable & lightweight, w/ low peak height to endure windy conditions. A rollup handle on the tarp allows easy access over the side. Moving is done quickly by raising the lift handle (approx. 50lb) on one end which lowers the wheels on the other end via an attached cable.

Constructed of 2” tubing and 1x2” wire, all galvanized. A welded frame with heavy duty poly ties to attach the wire. The cover tarp is 10oz. material, w/ 10yr life expectancy. After initial setup, the pen can be assembled in 15 min. using only a 5/16 nut driver.

Need an extra puppy exercise lot?

The Chicken range coop meets
legal exercise lot requirements.

Three Sizes Available

6' x 8' -
40 broilers
10' x 12' -
80 broilers
12' x 12' -
100 broilers


Rollaway Nest Box
22lb. Hanging Feeder
2' x 12' Side Panel
Watering Kit
6' Insulated Shelter
10' Insulated Shelter

Shipping Information

Commercial Addresses:

Shipping is is a flat rate of $295 for addresses west of the Mississippi River.
East of the Mississippi River is $195

Farm or Residence:

Add $125 if sent to a farm or residence.

Shipping for accessories will be $15 per order. Nest box shipping is $35. Insulated shelter shipping is $225 west of Miss. and $150 east of Miss.

Save on shipping charges by purchasing at a dealer.
Please see map below.

Chicken Coop Setup Information

  • 1. Layout all contents. Begin by sliding end panels into side panels and ridge pole
  • 2. Tighten hose clamps around side and end panels
  • 3. Mount lift handle with brackets, fasten to end panel with u-bolts
  • 4. Bolt wheel brackets to side panels
  • 5. Fasten cable to lift handle and wheel brackets with quick snaps
  • 6. Connect roll-up pipes, slide PTO crank handle into roll-up pipe fasten with screws
  • 7. Slide roll-up pipe into hem on tarp secure with tarp clips
  • 8. Fasten tarp with bunge balls no more than 18” past peak on access side of pen
  • 9. Please call with questions. Enjoy your feathered friends!
  • To mount nest box. Cut a hole in the wire where you wish to mount it. Then mount
    nest box with the U-bolts.
  • Contact Information

    Manufactured by Iva Manufacturing

    175 Churchtown Rd.
    Narvon, PA 17555


    We are a family owned and operated business since 1992. Serving the New England States, Mid-Atlantic States, South Eastern US and beyond.